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A Little About Tessa 

On completing a degree in Fine Art, Tessa was accepted at the Royal Academy of Arts where she specialised in sculpture (working and modelling in clay). Following her Fine Art training, she set up studios in Hackney where she continues to live and work.


The move from sculpture to pottery came whilst doing doctoral research in Maya archaeology at UCL. The focus of her research was Ancient Maya Art. Inspired by Maya ceramic art, and in particular the pots which combined sculpted and painted imagery, Tessa moved from research back to making. After attending courses in pottery and taking up a membership at a London pottery studio, she set up Sak Beh Studio Pottery and is now a full-time potter and maker.

Tessa's works are informed by both her Fine Art training and her research into Ancient Maya ceramic art. The phrase "Sak Beh" can be found on Ancient Maya monuments where it refers to the Milky Way as an ancestral path or road as well as the physical roads which connect people to places. In keeping with it's namesake, Sak Beh Pottery is envisaged as a place for community interaction within the context of a creative journey.

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